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Iris | In Greek mythology, Iris (/ˈɨrɨs/; Ἶρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky [...] She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. Malina | The slavic word for raspberry

I've got wheels!

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Keen on exploring my immediate surroundings I decided to buy a bicycle, which I will sell later when I leave town. I wanted a used bike, but there was no one to be found, so I settled for the cheapest of the new ones; a Humber. MK23000 (roughly 450 kr), plus assembly and trimmings, and I sat down to watch the mechanics put together my new vehicle. It is a very crude and heavy thing, but it has got undeniable charm! I wish I could bring it back with me to Uppsala, would be the only one of its kind there!

And finally, after an hour and a half, I could zoom down to the college, with the warm wind in my face. And everyone seemed to notice me all of a sudden. I mean, I'm already very easy to spot with my pinkish skin and light brown hair, but this is different. Everywhere people whistling, waving, shouting and smiling. A muzungu woman on a bicycle is apparently a rare sight!



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    Tjusigt Malin!!

    2014-09-24 | 21:35:20

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